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Im Afraid!

I Have My Problem now! I’m afraid to know what happen to me! i can till in this blog this is about my job and to my self! i hope everything is okay!

i hope god will guide me for my decision i made. i cant sleep will everything thinking of my problem, because when i wake up in the morning i don’t know if i receive a bad news or a good news!.

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Teach safe sex not same sex

A person can consent to sex at 16 years of age by law, which means before age 16 it should be sexual abstinence, however, it is preposterous to think that this present generation of students is not having sex or even thinking about it before age 16, and some students who don’t want to be engage in sexual activities sometimes are forced to.

Not teaching them how to practise safe sex is very damaging, and it is impossible to live within a traditional bubble, unaware of the fact that many Jamaican students are having sex.

It is interesting that there are so many arguments over this same-sex education issue, which clearly shows that citizens are still concerned; however, there is no great effort on making safe sex education a part of the schools’ syllabus. It is absolutely unreasonable to incorporate the students, who are our most vulnerable elements, to believe that education about same sex is of such moral value that it has to be included in the schools’ syllabus, yet we have ignored the importance of teaching them about safe sex and sexual abstinence which are the safe and legal ways.

Although we have persons in our country who have ignored the importance of morals and values, which have been governing our nation for decades, there are still many Jamaicans who take a look at our coat of arms and see that the images of the male and female have not transformed into the same gender, it’s for a reason.

Our schools pay a very small amount of attention to the teaching of safe sex and sexual abstinence, yet the idea of incorporating same-sex education onto the school’s packed syllabus is a ponder, what next? Will we be informing kindergarteners that babies can come from both genders. What are we doing?

Individuals and groups in society decide their own spiritual and social beliefs, which is right. However, by giving these individuals and groups such a charitable act by influencing our student’s opinions and beliefs through a system that is recommended for every single child’s success is way too drastic and morally erroneous.

The children of today will shape our country’s future, so we need to work with them now. The education ministers and heads of state need to pay more attention to our children’s behaviour and to the services provided for them. We need to get the conditions right for the development of peace and security and decent public services that provide uncontaminated education and proper morals and values.

courtesy of
Leron Mattison

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My Feeling

Pic1 i feel so sad and lonely
so dark and overcome
cant seem to want to wake up
cant seem to want to
no need,what is waiting for me?
i try to see the future…
try to see what is to come.
but all i see is nothing

what i have i done
have i seen the future or
seen the past?
how long is this depressive
stage suppose to last
i cannot tell my close ones
i cannot tell a soul
none will understand me
none will ever know

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So you’re between the ages of 13 and 24. What makes you happy? A worried, weary parent might imagine the answer to sound something like this: Sex, drugs, a little rock ‘n’ roll. Maybe some cash, or at least the car keys.Turns out the real answer is quite different. Spending time with family was the top answer to that open-ended question, according to an extensive survey — more than 100 questions asked of 1,280 people ages 13-24 — conducted by The Associated Press and MTV on the nature of happiness among America’s young people.

Next was spending time with friends, followed by time with a significant other. And even better for parents: Nearly three-quarters of young people say their relationship with their parents makes them happy.

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The Notebook

when i saw this Move i full in love and cry 3 times

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If Sex is Dirty

Anto If sex is dirty
and babies come from sex
then babies must be dirty.

If babies are dirty
and babies become adults
then adults must be dirty.

If adults are dirty
and adults live a life
then life must be dirty.

If life is dirty
and God gives life
then God must be dirty.

If God is dirty
and God created sex
then a whole lot of people need to take a bath.

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A Search For True Love


I’m going on a search for true love
Would you like to follow me too?

I’m searching for the truest love
I’m wondering if it could be you?

Would you give me your heart?
Give me your soul?
Give me you hand
And promise not to let go?

Can you be the one I confide in?
The person that I go to, when I’m in a battle I cannot win?

Can you be the person that I love?
Recognize, I’m on a search for true love

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