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The Pain of Moving On

For a heart that’s been torn there’s not much you can do, but to understand… remember this words? Don’t worry, i will free you, when it’s finally time for you to go… there’s no easy way to let go of something that i know will never happen again, but i will face the world around me knowing that I am strong enough to let you go. I am aware that you only come into my life for a while and that time will come i have to give you up then that’s the end of it there goes my life…

You left me at the very moment that i can’t give you up. I cry for the memories, I cry for the pain, I cry for the times I thought I had you. I know you’re not mine but holding on to you have become my way to keep me alive, wish you see the tears run from my eyes because it spells the truth about how i really feels inside. don’t worry my tears won’t blame yo, those are just the words my heart uses to explain, when even my smiles can’t cover up any pain. it’s been a while still i can’t get out from your shadow. till this very moment, I’m still trying to pick up those pieces.

thank you for the love pain, the pain that I’ll always remember even now my heart still aches in sadness and secret tears still flow. One day i can say finally. I’m over you, you are still with me even though you are not on my side. One day, I will be able to stand next to you. without wanting to hold you hand. Somewhere down my journey, I will fall in love again. I know I can….

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To the person i considered my soul mate, when you came into my life i told myself that  i would love you and never  hurt you. You were my best friend, my love, my everything.

tel 1 day we have an argument and we hurt each other.  At that time inform you that i wanted to break the relationship, i don’t have any intention to hurt you, I’m doing that to take a risk for you to realize your mistake and shortcomings.

I refuse to believe you at first but when i saw those tears fell down your cheeks it spells out the truth about how you really feel inside. you were deeply hurt , Yeah i know i was hurt too, you can’t  even look straight into my eyes when you said ” it was too late”.

My life has changed at that very moment… i just found my self on bended knees knelling why?. i was down completely, but i had to be strong for you at your worst, i was there until the day has come for us to say goodbye…

I know it, but i just can’t accept it, if only i know that was the last time i should have held you and never let you go. the kiss, whisper, and embrace it was the last… i can feel your arms falling down slowly, i know you’re gone. we always thought our love was enough for us to last… its was a had ending its gods will.

I know you’re happy now wherever you are.. and me, here i am hurting… broken… those 1 year its all gone now how can i forget? how can i start over once again…

I’m sorry if you see my life falling apart. i know i can’t get you back and i won’t be being you for the rest of my life. it’s more than a month now this has been the longest month or year of my life the most painful ti-nae, i ever had.

The sadness of the night brings back the days we had, the time i let go to you and you let go of me and the moment that i surrendered you. even silence reminds me of all the sorrow… the pain… and my hopelessness. let me suffer in silence, til i get over you. slowly i can let you go and i will be me once again.

I will be keeping my promise, i will move on… but you will always be a part of me hear me say this, one last time… I have found the essence of my life, I have discovered a world that’s beautiful because of you.

My love, My misery I’m letting go of you now it’s time to set myself free. this is the hardest thing i will do because i still love you and this love… this is all i have.

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