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War is not the Solution

Please Government of China it’s obvious that the Panatag Shoal is from Philippines not yours, The World is watching , leave the Panatag Shoal and stop bullying the Philippine coastguard in West Philippine sea.

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Today, Filipinos from different parts of the world rise up to confront the bullying of the Chinese government in the region. We hope China hears us loud and clear. We may be a small nation, but we will not let our country’s sovereignty be trampled upon

The world is watching’

International opinion is one of the best deterrents against China’s overbearing attitude in the region, and We would like to expose the Chinese government’s lack of respect for international law and the sovereign rights of its neighbors.

Our protest action is directed against the policies and the bullying of the Chinese government in the Panatag shoal. It is not a demonstration against the Chinese people

Filipinos are in solidarity with the Chinese people and we urge them to convince their government to resolve the issue by sittingĀ  in the international tribunal of the law of the seas (ITLOS) together with the Philippine government

We are glad that the United States has a hands-off policy in this matter as this is an issue that does not concern them. We reiterate that this is a regional issue and should be best addressed by regional stakeholders using multilateral mechanisms

I think ASEAN must now lend its voice to this growing clamor for China to stop its intrusions and withdraw from the West Philippine Sea. If we as a regional community cannot show our collective voice, then it becomes easier for China to bully every Southeast Asian country.



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To Republic of China, Philippine Government make a world nation rally for peaceful rally, and why you give a travel advisory and warn your citizen?

why you can’t accept the International law that the Panatag Shoal is own by Republic of Philippine not your country. Are you crazy to declare a war to Philippines just for the small island? how stupid you are or you are greed because that island is have a big depository of oil. follow the international and leave that Panatag Shoal.


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May 11, 2012 I’m 27 now hehehehe . Thanks lord God for new age of 27 , new life, i know all the trials and problems u give to me it’s your way to make me stronger person. In Jesus name Amen.

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