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Here’s the official statement:

On the new Chief Justice of the Philippines

In the midst of this period of deep mourning for the loss of Interior and Local Government Secretary Jesse Robredo, the President is cognizant of his constitutional duty to appoint the next Chief Justice of the Philippines. He has therefore decided to appoint Associate Justice Maria Lourdes Punzalan Aranal-Sereno as the 24th Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

The President is confident that Chief Justice Sereno will lead the judiciary in undertaking much-needed reforms. We believe the Judicial Branch of government has a historic opportunity to restore our people’s confidence in the judicial system.

Sereno, Maria Lourdes Punzalan Aranal
Years in the Practice of Law : 25 years

Professional Experience
 Associate Justice of the Supreme Court
August 16, 2010 to PRESENT
 Executive Director, Asian Institute of Management
February, 2009, August 15, 2010
 President, Accesslaw Inc.
April 2000 to August 15, 2010
 Law Professor University of the Philippines College of Law
November, 1986 to 2006
 Consultant for Judicial Reforms, United Nations, Development Program World Bank,
US Agency for International Development (USAID) – 1995 to 2002
 Legal Counsel, Various agencies of government, Office of the President, Office of the Solicito
General, Manila International Airport Authority, Department of Agriculture, Department of Trade
and Industry, WTO, Philippine Coconut Authority – 1991 to 2008
 Commissioner and Chairman of the Steering Committee, Preparatory Commission on
Constitutional Reform (Presidential) – August 1999 to December 1999
 Director, Institute of International Legal Studies, UP Law Complex – 1995 to 1996
 Head, Information and Publication Division, UP Law Complex – 1995 to 1996
 Counsellor, World Trade Orgaization and Appellate Body (Geneva) – July 1998 to October 1999
 Deputy Commissioner, Commission on Human Rights
 Junior Associate, SyCip Salazar Feliciano and Hernandez Law Office
January 1985 to October 1986
Teaching / Academic Experience
 Philippine Judicial Academy
• Lecturer
• 2004 to 2008
• Taught Law and Economic
 University of Western Australia
• Lecturer
• 2006 to 2007
• Taught International Business Law
 Foreign Service Institute, Department of Foreign Affairs
• Lecturer, 1996 to 2007
• Taught International Trade Law University of the Philippines College of Law
• Permanent Faculty (Associate Professor)
• 1986 to 2006
• Taught Obligations and contract, Persons and Family Relations, Negotiable Instruments,
Public Regulation of Business, Administrative Law and International Trade Law

 Hague Academy of International Law
• Lecturer
• 2004
• Taught International Trade Law
 Murdoch University
• Lecturer
• 2001 to 2002
• Taught International Trade Law
 Asian Institute of Management
• Lecturer
• 2000
• Taught Electronic Commerce Law
Seminars, Trainings, Scholarships and Fellowship Grants
 De Witte Fellow
• 1992 to 1993
• University of Michigan
 Ford Rockfeller Faculty Grand
• 1991 to 1993
• University of Michigan School of Economics
 Justice Alex Reyes Law School Scholarship
• 1980 to 1984
• UP College of Law
 National Integration Scholarship Grant
• 1976 to 1981
• Ateneo De Manila University

Educational Attainment
 University of Michigan
• Master of Laws
• 1992 to 1993
 School of Economics, University of the Philippines
• 1991 to 1992
• 18 Units in the Master of Arts in Economics Program
 University of the Philippines College of Law
• 1980 to 1984
• Valedictorian Cum Laude
 Ateneo De Manila University
• 1976 to 1980
• Bachelor of Arts in Economics
 Quezon City High School
• 1972 to 1976
• National awards in Oration, extemporaneous speech and academic honors
 Kamuning Elementary School
• 1966 to 1972
• Salutatorian
Civil Service Eligibility / Board / Bar Examination Taken
 Bar Examination Rating: 89
 Year Taken: 1984
 Year admitted to the Bar: 1985
Personal Circumstances
 Date of Birth: July 2, 1960
 Place of Birth: Manila
 Age: 52

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