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I'm proud to be me, I love myself. I don't care if somebody doesn't like me! 'Ive been through a lot of trials already but I'm happy that I'm still standing on my feet. I can't please everybody but I can be the best of what you may think of me.love to be active. I like to do new things. Traveling, biking,weekend trips, movies, cuddling, shopping, running, being out doors clubbing social drinking party's hanging with friends. Just about everything I'm into it. If i haven't done it yet I will try everything at least ounce. I am spontaneous, exciting, flirtatious, romantic, outgoing, very social with a bit of a wild side. I am a very caring and courteous person with a lot of love to give. I am a down to earth old fashioned gentleman. I love to spoil and help people in anyway I can. I value friendships and all kinds of people to the max. I believe everyone has good in them and I don't judge the ones who have a hard time showing it. We all make mistakes. I judge no one and expect to be treated with the same respect I give you. I care about the way I look when I go out. I have been told I am a little metro sexual. I am a great listener and can be very sensitive. I am super well rounded and very mature and responsible. I am not cocky but confident. I believe I have a lot to offer to any relationship as an friend and as intimate partner. I think this is enough of me. I want to know you! My Feeling i feel so sad and lonely so dark and overcome cant seem to want to wake up cant seem to want to no need,what is waiting for me? i try to see the future... try to see what is to come. but all i see is nothing what i have i done have i seen the future or seen the past? how long is this depressive stage suppose to last i cannot tell my close ones i cannot tell a soul none will understand me none will ever know

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