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Hear Ye!

You crowd

Behold me as an effigy

You do not even give me a

chance to be recognized as

a good one. You always take your chances.

leaving me here, empty.

You are all inaudible.

You always mock me on things

I have not done. You keep on

telling hearsay’s about me.

You do not even ask me once if they were true!


You dear friends,

You never knew I was crying all along

Upon the jokes you have thrown. You never

knew that sometimes it hurts so badly. I love

you, my dear ones. I wish at all times you

hear my inaudible sighs.


You boys,

You always deceive me. This girl love

you that much yet, you only give her harm.

Though you have kissed my soul, you easily

broke it by your vain whispers.


You brothers and sisters in Christ, 

You helped me in finding Hm and now I

am with you, but you never noticed that I

needed your care. Now you don’t discern

that I’m lost again. Could help me find

Him again?


You mom and dad,

You have spent lost of time for your

work, leaving no space, to help me figure out the

universe. Yet, you are to busy. Your love,

nurture, and guidance, that’s what I long for.

Need no diamonds, pearls nor shells to

replace a single second of your kiss, of your

hugs, of your touch.


You my God,

hear me cry oh God! For they hurt and

disregard my feelings! For they deceive me!

For they have not looked after me! For they

don’t dignify me! For they don’t appreciate

me! oh God! Here i am, for You are able to

love me save me. Let me give this sacrifice

of thanksgiving and be with you eternally….


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The great love

that I have for you

is gone,

and I find my dislike for you

grows every day.

When I see you,

I do not even like your face;

the one thing that I want to do

is to look at other girls.

I never wanted to marry.

Our last can conversation was very boring

and has not made me look forward to seeing you again.

You think only of yourself.

If we were married,

I know that I would find life very difficult,

and I would have no pleasure in living with you.

I have a heart to give,

but it is not something that I want to give to you.

No one is more foolish and selfish than you,

and you are not able to care for me and help me.

I sincerely want you to understand

that I speak the truth.

You will do me a favor

if you think this is the end.

Do not try to answer this.

Your letters are full of things that not interest me.

You have no true love for me.

Goodbye! Believe me; I do not care for you.

Please do no think that I am still your boyfriend.

And after you’ve read this lines,

I will surely depart this life…. where this poem lies.

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